About me

Charlotte, Owner, Equanym

I have been interested in change and transformation for as long as I can remember. I  coach clients mainly in the areas of money, work and business though I am open to working on other areas of life. Mainly, I like to help clients transform in a holistic way, ensuring that there are no mental blocks that inhibit progress.

While working as a software consultant for 20 years, I became interested in how businesses and people change and transform especially during times of stress.  It became clear to me that people’s  reaction to change is dependent on how flexible and informed they are.

My approach to consulting is a holistic one.  Our memories, our experiences, our hangups, they will all have an effect on how we  work and how we transform and sometimes we are not aware of how we are sabotaging  to stop ourselves from moving forward.  Since September of 2008 I have been a student of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Proramming) and I am a Master NLP Coach.  I am currently studying to become an NLP trainer.   I combine my  consulting background with my NLP practice to help clients overcome any mental obstacles they might have and to become more aware of helpful already existing resources.

Life and work transitions can be stressful.  My favorite book on this subject is “The Way of Transition” by William Bridges.  Bridges is a change management guru. This particular book is more about personal reaction to transition and in it he talks about how we can handle these transitions that often make us feel chaotic and lost.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband and have a son in college.